About us

Adam Abu Ismail :

I live in Mantua ( Italy ) and I reverted to Islam in 2005. After learning the teachings of Islam, I have started learning the arab script used into the Quran and tajweed  . During this big effort, and while going through the Noble Quran scripture, I have started to take note of  some  hayat  which impressed me most, and trying to memorize in arabic I had the idea of reproduce this hayat on wooden frames. While it is very common to find plastic series reproduction of some hayat made mostly in China , ( and possibly by not muslims ) , it is very hard to find quality and hand made frames , so I decided to start these works as hobby , and like to spread as much I will be able inshaAllah. 

Remember that this works are just as decoration and to remember Allah and his Messenger (S.A.W.) words , nothing more . 

I will welcome any suggestion or comment, and the more I will be able to sell, the more designs I will be able to make. 

Part of the revenues of the sales of these frames will be donated to  Muslim charity and Mosques for Ummah developement and support.



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Milan , April 19th-21st 2013